Who are we?

We tell you more about us!

I am

Since I was a child, I have always felt the call of the countryside. and I have fought to fulfill my dream of living there. I love nature and our beautiful Normandy!

This cottage project is another dream coming true for me today. I have always enjoyed tinker and make things look pretty, functional and welcoming!

I love the countryside for what it is, and what it offers me. Cows, apple trees, fruits of the earth and the good smells of the farm make me feel good and happy!

We worked hard to get there, but it is with immense joy that 'today we share our passion with you and welcome you as best as possible.

Feel at home, with us!

I am

A part-time, but almost full-time handyman, I am passionate about a job well done and lasting.

All my life I have built, renovated and worked in stone. This stone that comes out of the earth to give birth to a farm, a house, an enclosure ...

I like to imagine all kinds of arrangements, renovations ... But what I prefer is is to work with my hands, to make concrete these projects, my projects, our projects.

Normandy is a bit of my haven of peace and happiness. I love this Norman nature that surrounds us with its smells, its paths, its rivers, these places where life is good. I give the best of myself in each project and want your stay with us to be as comfortable as possible.

If you need anything, I'm here!